Retain and Regain

Apr 24th 2020

Your marketing partner-that’s how you need to see The Frisco Gift Basket Company. We are an extension of your marketing department and if you don’t have one then we ARE your marketing department. There is a science behind gifting and in the United States we are behind the curve when it comes to gifting as compared to our global counterparts. Now, more than ever, companies that are keeping their head above the water during this pandemic need to be working on a plan to retain the clients they have and a plan to regain the clients they lose temporarily due to this shutdown. The relationships you build today will feed you in the future because relationships are forever. Everything I do as the owner of The Frisco Gift Basket Company is relationship driven. EVERYTHING-from client acquisition, retention, vendor sourcing, networking and connecting people in my own circle-is driven by relationships. The Frisco Gift Basket Company is poised to help you retain and regain your clients.